Liability Waiver

Release of Liability and Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Dangers, Risks, and Hazards of Storm Ranch

Please read this statement in its entirety and sign below!

I hereby acknowledge that I have entered into an agreement with the owners of Storm Ranch, Hays County, Texas whereby I will, for specific agreed fees and costs payable to Storm Ranch by myself or my sponsor (attached), be permitted to access the property and conduct activities with permission from the landowner prior to commencement thereof and to pay all fees without dispute.

I further acknowledge and understand that no warranty, either express or implied, is made by the owners as to the condition of the property located in Hays County, Texas, or any roads, buildings, gates, or other improvements. This document is a sufficient warning that dangerous conditions, risks, and hazards do exist. My presence and activities on the ranch premises expose both me and my property to dangerous conditions, risks, and hazards, including but not limited to poisonous snakes, insects, and spiders; hunting blinds and/or tree stands, whether or not erected by the owner; erosion and general condition of the land, both on and off roadways creating rough, hazardous and dangerous driving and walking conditions; animals both wild and domestic that may be diseased and/or potentially dangerous; deep water; persons with firearms both on or off the ranch premises; and the use of vehicles, as well as others not mentioned.

Lessee will also be held liable for any damage done by their party to Storm Ranch Property. I hereby state that I expressly assume all such dangers, risks, and hazards for myself and my party, including minors, whether negligence is on the part of the owner, myself, or anyone else at any time.

In consideration for the right to enter the ranch premises, I hereby release and agree to protect, indemnify and hold harmless the owners and their respective agents, employees, heirs, and assigns from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action and damages, including attorneys’ fees, resulting from any accident, incident or occurrence arising out of, incidental to or in any way resulting from the use of the ranch premises and all improvements thereon, whether or not caused by the Lessor’s negligence or gross negligence, and furthermore agree to not produce any media that would potentially have a negative impact on Storm Ranch business, which includes posting of negative reviews.

I am aware of the fact that hog hunting is primarily a nighttime activity as Predators / Hogs tend to be nocturnal, and I have been advised to bring a firearm-mounted hunting light because motion-sensing solar lights on the feeders may fail during cloudy and feeders may not always function properly. I agree to not cross or shoot across any fences or take any impossibly far shots. I furthermore agree that I assume all financial responsibility for any livestock that is accidentally shot at a variable amount as some are more expensive than others.

This release applies during the time that I am permitted on the ranch premises and afterward. Failure to abide by all the terms of this agreement may cause a situation where the safety of myself and others is at risk and may also cause an actionable breach of contract whereby I may be held liable. No refunds will be issued, and I agree to not retract payment made by any financial institution.

I hereby further covenant and agree that I, my heirs, successors, and assigns will not make any claim or institute any suit or action at law or in equity against STORM RANCH, its owners, their respective heirs, agents, representatives, employees, successors or assigns. If any part of this contract is found to be unenforceable, the remainder shall be held intact.

Liability Waiver